Meagen Lindsay Meagen Lindsay had a vision and a passion to open a hair salon that only she could create.  She had over 25 years of professional experience in hair styling working for some of the best salons in Connecticut and a strong following of loyal customers, and she knew that her unique skills and drive to provide the best possible customer experience put her a cut above the rest.  

What she didn’t have was any experience starting or running a business or many of the functional skills that required.  “I didn’t know where to begin.  Things like financial planning and accounting scared me, and I didn’t know what serious mistakes I might make.”  Her husband Michael would partner with her and provide the operations and financial management backup, but they knew they needed guidance and came to SCORE’s Guilford, CT mentor team for help.  “They listened to everything I had to say and helped me realize I could overcome my weaknesses and make it.  They asked some very thought-provoking questions which led me to an understanding of what I really wanted, and at the same time they helped me temper my enthusiasm and to understand that I need to build a solid base before thinking about expanding.  I now see how very important a business plan is.”

After many months of hard work refining the plan and laying the groundwork, Salon Zena opened in February, 2019, offering the ultimate styling experience, the highest quality products, and personalized services for customers with specialized needs. Meagen has partnered with the maker of the highest quality coloring products and is the first female stylist on the Connecticut Shoreline to offer a proprietary solution for women with hair loss issues. 

The salon has been a success from the start.  Meagen is operating at full capacity now after only three months and is beginning to plan for expansion – patiently and with guidance from her SCORE mentors, of course.

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